“Acrobatics & Tumbling” is a 90 minute DVD which demonstrates a complete class  for a beginning acro-fitness class.
"Acrobatics & Tumbling for Beginners"

Charles Kelley
Title formerly "Flip, Flop & Roll"
  Acro-Fitness Class DVD


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Acrobatics & Tumbling for Beginners DVD
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 Legendary Broadway instructor Charles Kelley teaches the basics  of acrobatics & tumbling in an easy, step by step, hands-on process. .Every exercise is explained and analyzed, making learning both easy and fun for the student. A wealth of material is covered and you'll learn what it takes to execute good technique and why. 90 minutes.

The DVD includes chapters on Warm-up * Rolls* Splits* Backbends* Balances* Limbers* Back Walkovers* Front Walkovers *Tinsica * Cartwheels & Springs

Charles Kelley has taught dance in New York City for over 30 years and has an international reputation as a "teacher's teacher." Charles is the only teacher to have been recognized for his contributions to the art of teaching dance by every major dance teacher association in America.