This two-CD set by John Parkinson contains 42 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.

 "Ballet Album"

John Parkinson
Music for Ballet Class 2-CD Set
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Ballet Album 2-CD set
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Sample this CD:
  CD 1 - Track 5 - Degage
  CD 1 - Track 25 - Petite Allegro
  CD 2 - Track 4 - Grand Allegro
CD 2 - Track 17 - Fast Mazurka
John Parkinson presents a two disc set of original compositions for a complete ballet class. He offers at least two selections for every step so there are plenty of melodies to pick from. The 42 energetic tracks will keep the class moving along at a quick pace. There is music for alternate steps and extra tracks for center work. With the long selections and the 4-panel pull-out insert that lists the exact counts for all the tracks this Ballet Album, this CD may possibly be all the music you will need for a long time to come.



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