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"Thank you for still existing and having these wonderful classic class options available"
Molly (February 2023)

"Your music makes all the difference in our dance. We can't do it without you. We all love Yoshi!"
Raydel Caceres (5/16/22)

I watched a lovely Creative Movement Youtube video, and they posted an ad at the end of the video recommending your website for ballet music, so I checked it out, and to my joy- you have great music! Thank you for offering such great music.

Maddie James

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(September 2020) Comment from Jennifer Bader, Balletinmotion.com
"Thank you for continuing to carry CDs and DVDs for classes. Especially with Covid-19 this has been even more and important and useful -- to say the least. I hope you're well." Best wishes - Jennifer 
(Bloomington, Minnesota)

(March 2019) Comment from Joan Gair, Academy of Ballet Arts (Murrieta, CA):
"Can't seem to resist Plumpton's music! My students and I love it! Thank you for carrying it!"

(Feb. 2019) Comment from Diane, Pottsdown Dance Theatre:
Thank you so much for responding to my questions and providing additional information!  WOW I was quite impressed!  You get 5 stars from me for sure!

(July 2018) Comment from Robbie, ballet teacher:
My library of music and visual notes consist mostly of what I have purchased from DanceClassMusic.com over the years. You have been a leader in the distribution for the more professional and refined dance music.  You have associated your products with the masters of dance and music. My success as a primary and elementary ballet teacher is a reflection of the strong teaching tools you have provided to me. The commitment of DanceClassMusic.com has enhanced profoundly my creativity and aspired proper training in my classroom.

(July 2018) Comment from a happy customer:
Yes! Yes! Yes!, I got the CD and will be delivering it to her tonight before they leave to go overseas. She is so excited about getting her very own Hip Hop CD in addition to a copy of David Plumpton' SMASH  HITS for Ballet.  You made her trip a very happy one; and her nonna (grandmother in Italian) a very, very happy one!  Thank you so very much for all of the time that you put into making one sweet 10 yr old so very happy! You will not be forgotten for your beautiful deed!

(Feb. 2018) Comment from Cristina Munro - Munro Ballet Studios and Corpus Christi Ballet :

Great music helps us teach a great class! Thanks, we like all the CD's. David Plumpton is our favorite pianist. Keep them coming!

(Feb. 2018) Comment from a long-time customer:
Please continue to provide your great Ballet CDs and DVDs. I especially like the Russian styled class music. I love Jay Distributors! Thank you!

(Feb. 2018) Comment from Robbie, a long-time customer:
After many years, I find these visual notes in the Bodarc series for elementary and primary ballet and their accompanied music to be premium offerings. Beyond their presentation, little to nothing, in my span of teaching years (30), has matched them.

I would like to see new ones in this Bodarc series if they are of the same caliber and created by excellent teachers and musicians such as those I recently reordered to replace my video tapes. Nothing as significant as these have surfaced since the first decade of 2000 for pre and beginner ballet students.

Comment from Ms. Lynne: 
"working with you for years and loving it!"
I've been teaching Ballet to little girls for a very long time,  that have become beautiful young ladies; and I owe it to working hard, trusting in my creative forces and using the best music that I can find for their "connection" to the art of Ballet and me!  Regards! Ms. Lynne

Comment from Lynne Morrison (The Old Well School of Dance, Moffat, Scotland) :
Thank you so much, your Start Tapping DVD and CD (9954) has been an excellent help with my younger tap class.

Comment from Maria:
I have placed my order and will probably purchase other albums. You have some CDs that are impossible to find anywhere else. Thank you for selling these items! I would also like to add that I am happy with the customer service provided. I was very appreciative of quick responses to my questions, and being notified when an out of stock item was available for purchase. Keep up the good work!

Comment from Hiroshi Horiuchi (Japan):
27 years ago when we started to import your products, Lynn Stanford's titles changed Japanese ballet class lesson from boring to exciting. At the time, many dance teachers wanted to use his music in their own classrooms.

I am proud that I've been able to introduce your products to Japan.
Thank you. Best regards, Hiroshi