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Dmitri Roudnev

Dmitri Roudnev

Director and Founder, Ballet Intensive from Moscow
Artistic Director, USA National Youth Ballet Competition

In 1994, Dmitri Roudnev founded Ballet Intensive from Moscow in order to bring together the best master teachers of Vaganova each year for a student workshop and teacher seminar. Roudnev develops his classes to reflect his experiences as a student and soloist of the Bolshoi Ballet. He loved the logical combinations and the musicality of Bolshoi classes and he brings these feelings to his lessons. Roudnev presents uncomplicated barre exercises, based in the great Russian Method training traditions, that are easy for student and teacher to learn. This in turn helps develop students with clean technique, elongated non-bulky muscles, and high extensions. Teachers have found that the strength built in Roudnevís approach promotes less chance for injury.

Dmitri Roudnev, Director of Advanced Ballet Program for Children's Ballet, trained for eight years at the renowned Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia. He joined the Bolshoi Ballet, under the direction of the great U.N. Grigorovich, as soloist. He has performed around the world in the principal lead roles of Giselle, Swan Lake, Paquita, Balanchineís Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, Nutcracker and Don Quixote. Dmitri directed the Dmitri Roudnev Ballet School of Chicago, Ballet Intensive from Moscow and the USA National Youth Ballet Competition sponsored by Russian Pointe. Roudnev developed a special ballet training program for World Champion pairs skaters Tatiana Taminyana and Maxim Marinin. The couple worked with him in their preparations for the Olympics 2002 and Olympics 2006 where they won the coveted gold medal prize

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Dmitri Roudnev
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Dmitri Roudnev