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E. Laura Hausmann

E. Laura Hausmann is internationally known as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. As a versatile dancer, she has danced throughout the U. S. and on every continent except Australia. As a winner of the Jan Veen Scholarship, Laura received her B.F.A. degree from the Boston Conservatory. Audiences have enjoyed her performances with The Radio City Music Hall Ballet Co., Broadway shows, Anna Sokolow repertoire, television, several major modern dance companies in New York City, commercial work, and at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. As a guest of the U. S. State Department Cultural Exchange Program, Laura has performed throughout Africa, Europe, and The Mid-East. Arlene Croce of The New Yorker magazine wrote that Laura “has exceptional abilities” and that she “dances with marvelous elasticity and accuracy.”

Laura has received the President’s Award for excellence in the teaching of the performing arts. Laura has been an Assistant Professor in the Dance Major Program at New York University for over 20 years teaching all levels of classical ballet. She has danced and taught master classes and workshops in Taiwan, Russia, Panama, and at over 20 colleges and universities. Laura has recently been awarded an Arts Choreography Grant to produce an original choreography to serve Dance for Haiti. Currently, Laura works with hundreds of students of every level in the New York City area. As a recipient of a Best Practices Award, Laura will choreograph and direct a unique performance for inner-city New York City students during 2010 and 2011.

Laura is known for her unique ability to teach all levels including young children, adults, and professionals. She is a sought after master teacher for dance conventions, master classes at studios, and teacher training schools because of her clarity of technique, musicality, and joy of dancing. As a master “teacher of teachers,” Laura gives instruction on teaching methods and techniques to other teachers, as well as to those learning to become teachers. Laura continues to serve on the faculty of the major dance-teaching organizations throughout the U. S. Her teaching has been honored by the Dance Masters of America with Honorary Membership. Laura is also the Artistic Director of her own dance company, The New York Dance Spectrum, Inc.

In addition to producing her unique collection of CDs for Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Modern, and Jazz Dance classes, Laura has also written and published Teaching Guide for Ballet, Modern, and Pointe.