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Roger Hewett

Photo by Kari Kracht

Originally from Norwich, England, classically trained pianist Roger Hewett has been playing since the age of six. He started to play professionally at sixteen, in a variety of different contexts, from accompanying dance to playing in local orchestras and bands. His career has since developed internationally, from high profile special events to touring as part of Cirque du Soleil.

As dance pianist, Roger has accompanied classes on both sides of the pond, from companies in Canada and the US and theatre schools in the UK.

An experienced composer, orchestrator and musical director, Roger has worked on 24 film and television projects, including the Paramount hit ‘Double Jeopardy’, for which he orchestrated the music for the 83-piece orchestra as well as performing on the soundtrack himself. He has written for numerous Canadian Arts awards galas, and for Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of her two recent Royal visits to Canada.

Roger continues to juggle his time between film and live shows, and is currently working on his long-awaited 3rd CD of original, orchestrated music for ballet.