A single length compact disc with 5 unrepeated bands for hip hop and tap routines.
It offers five funky dance mixes without tap sounds.
"Gregg Russell's Music Mix"
CD contains selections from the following DVD titles (sold separately):
Bob Rizzo & Gregg Russell
Music For Hip Hop & Tap
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Sample this CD:
Track 1 - The Time Has Come
Track 5 - It's the Beginning

All the music for the routines on the DVDs (each DVD sold separately)  “Ultimate Hip-Hop”, “Tap Remixed” and “Hip-Hop Fuzion” by Gregg Russell is contained on this CD. Without a printed cover, this simple CD contains five great unrepeated funky dance mixes without tap sounds or vocal instructions. Fun music for both Tap and Hip-Hop dance classes.

Ultimate Hip Hop
  1. The Time Has Come
  2. Cookie
  3. On the Air
Tap Remixed
    4. United

Hip Hop Fuzion
    5. It's the Beginning