“Ballet Class Vol. 11” is a 49 minute single length CD by Dmitri Roudnev & Olga Krasnoselskih containing 29 repeated piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of original & classical music without singing or vocal instructions.
"Ballet Class with Dmitri Roudnev Vol. 11" is a 54 min.DVD which demonstrates a complete dance class  for an intermediate ballet class.
Ballet Class Vol. 11

Dmitri Roudnev & Olga Krasnoselskih
Ballet Class CD & DVD
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Ballet Class Vol. 11 CD
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Ballet Class with Dmitri Roudnev Vol. 11 DVD
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Sample this CD:
Track 5 - Degage
Track 15 - Jete
Track 17 - Grand Battement
Track 24 - Grand Allegro


Olga Krasnoselskih is presently in Russia where she accompanies ballet classes for the Moscow based "Theater of Classical Ballet". She has a wonderfully lyrical improvisational style. You can feel the grand Russian heritage in her music and the emotion in her playing. This improvisational music is always at the correct tempo and rhythm for each exercise. There is plenty of music for big jumps in the center with three grand allegros, two sissonnes and several other smaller jumps. The sound is very clear and well recorded on this perfect CD for ballet class by Dmitri Roudnev.

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Teacher Training Video

This teacher training DVD shows Dmitri Roudnev leading one young dancer in a complete intermediate ballet class. This fully chaptered DVD gives you two options for viewing the class. One option follows right along with the class without any explanations or instructions. In this mode the viewer goes directly from exercise to exercise which is perfect for giving yourself a class. The second option presents very detailed instructions and explanations before each exercise. Dmitri takes his time during the class to explain different aspects of the way he works and what he has found to be very important in teaching ballet. This information is extremely useful for any teacher or dancer who is involved in ballet. The 53 minute class uses most of the music from the CD “Ballet Class Music Vol. 11” by Olga Krasnoselskih. The class starts off with 10 different barre exercises followed by 11 different center combinations and ends with six very simple pointe exercises. Packed with secrets of Russian ballet training this is the perfect class for first year pointe students.



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