A double length compact disc with 23 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class by E. Laura Hausmann.
A unique collection of original, familiar, and classical  music without singing or vocal instructions.
"Ballet Music for Class and Combinations"
directed by E. Laura Hausmann
E. Laura Hausmann & Arcadiy Figlin
Music for Ballet Class CD
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Ballet Music for Class and Combinations CD
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Sample this CD:
Track 2 - Plie and Port de Bras
Track 16 - Pirouette and Tango

Classic, original, and favorite songs
Extra long bands, Double length compact disc

This solo piano music for an intermediate ballet class and combinations offers exciting arrangements of  twenty three different classical, original and familiar music like La Traviata, Slavic Dances and Waltzes. Much of the music for combinations in the center are medleys of Tangos, Russian Folk Songs, and Gypsy Dances. Arcadiy Figlin was born in Russia and developed a jazzy style of playing the piano. His playing will inspire both the teacher and student. The music on this double length compact disc is repeated at the barre and extra long for center combinations to allow for several groups of dancers.

E. Laura Hausmann is internationally known as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. As a winner of the Jan Veen Scholarship, she received her conservatory degrees in dance and has danced throughout the U.S. and on every continent except Australia. As a versatile dancer, audiences have enjoyed her performances with the Radio City Music Hall Ballet Company, Anna Sokolow Repertoire, modern dance companies, television, Broadway Shows, commercial work and at Lincoln Center.
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