“Beautiful Music for Ballet Class Vol. 3” is a 60 minute double length CD by Daniel Boudewyns containing
  40 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of original  music without singing or vocal instructions.

"Beautiful Music for Ballet Class Vol. 3"

Daniel Boudewyns
Intermediate Ballet Class Music
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Beautiful Music for Ballet Class Vol. 3 CD
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Samples this CD:
Track 01 - Plies 3/4
  Track 11 - Degages 2/4
Track 25 - Grands Battements 2/4

Track 38 - Grand Allegro 3/4


This title by Daniel Boudewyns is a perfect combination of original compositions and classical standards for a complete ballet class. While the classical selections from Chopin, Bach, Verdi and many others are refined and tasteful, Mr. Boudewyns' original compositions are more carefree and full of energy. Daniel has a very big sound so his allegros and waltzes are very inspiring. This CD contains 40 tracks of solo piano music for a full barre with repeated tracks for both sides and a complete center which includes two waltzes, three petit allegros and three big jump exercises. There are over 15 original compositions on this CD which makes it the perfect title if you are looking for something a little different.   

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