.Ballet Class Music for the Young Dancer Vol. 2” is a 67 minute single length CD by Soren Bebe
containing 35 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete beginner ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.

  Ballet Class Music for the Young Dancer Vol. 2

  Soren Bebe
Preballet Class CD
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Ballet Class Music for the Young Dancer Vol. 2  CD
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Sample this CD:

Track 02 - Plie
Track 08 - Battement Glisse
  Track 16 - Grand battement

Track 22 - Little Jumps
 Track 27 - Allegro (faster)
Track 31 - Skips (faster)


“Ballet Class Music for the Young Dancer Vol. 2” picks up where the first volume left off. This class is slightly more advanced with a more standard barre and center. The music for each Barre exercise is exactly repeated and meant to be used for the same exercise on the other side.  These 35 original compositions are composed and arranged by Soren Bebe and are created especially for children’s ballet classes (age 4-10 years). Like the first volume, this music contains simple uncomplicated rhythms with clear melodies that are easy to hear. There is not much syncopation in this music, and you can tell that Soren is concentrated on keeping this music available to the younger dancer. Compared to volume one, the center music on this album contains many more allegro compositions along with a Mazurka, Polonaise and Coda. This music is designed to challenge the young dancer and make them want to dance more.