“Gold” is a 79 minute double length CD by David Plumpton containing 36 piano melodies for a
complete ballet class. It offers a unique collection of original and familiar music without singing or vocal instructions.


David Plumpton
Ballet Class Music CD
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Gold CD
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Sample This CD:

Track 04 - Slow Tendus
  Track 09 - Ronds de Jambe a Terre
Track 12 - Ronds de Jambe en L'air
Track 18 - Port de Bras 1
Track 27 - Warm Up Jump 1
Track 30 - Petit Allegro 1
Track 34 - Grand Allegro


It certainly is wonderful to have a new title by David Plumpton. After suffering with the Covid virus, we really wondered if there would be more titles by this amazing artist. This makes his arrangement of Lionel Richie’s "Hello" even more meaningful. The five different medleys will convenience you that this is a gold medal winner for ballet class albums. The songbirds in one of the plie tracks to "Human Nature" will make you feel like you are dancing in a forest and you will forget all your cares. This 79-minute CD contains all your favorite melodies arranged for ballet class as only David Plumpton can. With 36 unique tracks there is music for any exercise you want to do, and this music will make it so much easier. David’s playing always lifts the spirit and brings joy to every movement.