“Spanish Classical Piano and Castanets” is a 31 minute single length CD by JoDe Romano & Felix Ventouras containing 10 unrepeated piano & castanet
 melodies for a complete Spanish dance  class. It offers a unique collection of classical  music without singing or vocal instructions.
The accompanying 36-min. DVD demonstrates each exercise for a beginning Spanish dance class.

  Spanish Classical Piano and Castanets CD
Spanish Dance DVD

  JoDe Romano & Felix Ventouras
Music for Spanish Dance CD
Spanish Dance DVD
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Spanish Classical Piano and Castanets CD
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Spanish Dance DVD
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Sample this CD:
Track 01 - Carmen
  Track 03 - Sacro-Monte
  Track 06 - Sevilla
Track 07 - El Baile De Luis Alonso

The perfect music for any Spanish dance you might want to create. Wonderful melodies from all your favorite Spanish music are inspiringly played on the piano by Felix Ventouras and accompanied by JoDe Romano on the castanets. The blend between the two instruments is inspiring and gives such a unique feel to the music that it really makes you want to dance. With this CD you don’t even have to play the castanets to get the effect of dancing with them. This is also a perfect CD to use in practicing your castanet playing and observing how the two instruments should work together. The CD contains 10 of JoDe’s favorite pieces, which she has performed throughout her career!   Ole!


If you ever wanted to accompany yourself while you dance, this is the video. You can become your own rhythm section by learning to play the castanets. This 36 minute DVD is amazingly clear in its approach to teaching this wonderful skill and the style of movement that goes with it. No music is used in this class since the coordination of castanets and movement is the focus of these six exercises. Everything from the proper fit of the castanet to the exact place to strike it is fully explained. When you master these simple exercises you will be completely trained in how to dance with castanets and the wonderful Spanish style that goes with it.