“Sacred Garment” is a 72 minute double length CD by Peggy Lyman Hayes & Kevin Sport containing
33 unrepeated solo piano & percussion tracks for a complete modern class.
It offers a unique collection of original  music without singing or vocal instructions.

"Sacred Garment"

Peggy Lyman Hayes & Kevin Sport
Music for Martha Graham Technique
Music for Modern Class CD
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Sacred Garment - Music for Martha Graham CD
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Samples this CD:
Track 01 - Bounces, Breathings
  Track 16 - Plies
Track 19 - Straight Leg Brushes

Track 24 - Stationary Jumps


Kevin Sport has used his experience of playing for classes at the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance and many other dance studios in New York City to create this collection of 33 unique tracks of piano and percussion music. Divided into Floor Work, Standing Center, and Coming Across the Floor this music has been designed by Peggy Lyman Hayes to follow a Martha Graham dance class. With such a wide variety of rhythms and moods, this title offers a very focused and inspired accompaniment to any contemporary dance class. The addition of a piano allows this CD to have a melody which is a great supplement to Kevin’s wonderful percussion work.


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