This 2-CD set by Mignon Furman & Steven Mitchell contains 32 repeated  melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class.
 It offers a unique collection of original, familiar & classical  music without singing or vocal instructions.

The accompanying 51 min. 2- DVD set demonstrates each exercise for an intermediate ballet class.
Pointe to Pointe

Mignon Furman & Steven Mitchell
Ballet/Pointe Class CD & DVD
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Pointe to Pointe 2-CD Set
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Pointe to Pointe 2-DVD Set
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Sample this CD:
Track 01 (Disc 1) - Demi Plie and Rise
Track 11 (Disc 1) - Bouree sur Place & Forward
Track 14 (Disc 2) - Pointe Enchainment
"Pointe to Pointe" 2-CD Set

This double CD set contains one disc for a beginning pointe class and one for an intermediate pointe class. What a great selection of familiar melodies played in Steven Mitchell’s rousing style. This music makes you want to get up and dance. There are a couple of extra tracks in the intermediate class CD and several are a little faster than the beginning class CD. All the selections start with a four count introduction and are repeated. This music can take the fear out of dancing on pointe.

"Pointe to Pointe"
DVD Previews
The contents for the DVD are the same as that of the CD, with the exception of an introduction for the 2-DVD set.

"Pointe to Pointe" is a resource for ballet teachers who are training children from 8 to 10 years old and introducing them to pointe work. Mignon Furman is an expert of teaching ballet to children. Her exercises are carefully chosen to help students develop strength in their feet, ankles, and knees with correct alignment in the body. The steps go from working on two feet to working on one foot. By introducing clean technique from the start of pointe work, the chances of developing bad habits are less. Ms. Furman believes that strength and stability go hand in hand with developing musicality and artistry.

The "Pointe to Pointe" DVD is divided into two levels of beginning pointe work: one for beginning pointe, the other for advanced beginning pointe. Each level is meant to be taught over a one year period. Both Barre and Centre work are represented in each level.

Steven Mitchell provides the music for the "Pointe to Pointe" DVD on a double compact disc set by the same name.

Ms. Furman is a monthly contributing writer to Dance Studio Life Magazine.