“I'll Be Seeing You” is a 64 minute single length CD by David Howard & Steven Mitchell containing 30 unrepeated piano  melodies
for a complete ballet class. It offers a unique collection of familiar & classical music without singing or vocal instructions.

I'll Be Seeing You

David Howard & Steven Mitchell
Music for Ballet Class CD
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I'll Be Seeing You CD
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Track 03 - Tendu from 5th
Track 16 - Grand Battement
Track 26 - Traveling Turns


Once again the brilliant talent of pianist-composer Steven Mitchell and the legendary ballet teacher David Howard reunite to bring you the ballet class CD “I’ll Be Seeing You”. This combination of old familiar songs and classical music is designed as a tribute to David’s many years of teaching. This is finally the CD David has always wanted to make. It is full of his favorite melodies and they are all played in a flowing and inspiring style. These selections are not repeated but many are long enough for exercises on both sides of the barre or several groups in the center. Dancing to this music you can feel the wonderful bond between these two artists and how they inspire one another. This title is a "must-have" in any dance studio.