A 60 min. single DVD for a complete jazz class.
"Turns & Turn Combos"
Michele Assaf
Jazz Class DVD

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Turns & Turn Combos (DVD)
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Join internationally renowned director, choreographer and master teacher Michele Assaf as she presents an extensive look into the fundamental technique of ‘Turns.’ This essential ‘dictionary’ is perfect for dance students, Beginner through Advanced. Dance teachers will find this guide a must, as Michele’s unique skills put individual turns together into beautiful, thoughtful combinations, emphasizing direction changes as well as a wide variety of preparations and transitions in and out of the turns.

Each turn is broken down into three levels, from its basic state to its progression for the more advanced student. Hearing Michele offer corrections to her diverse group of dancers, as well as watching some movement analyzed in slow motion increases the enormous benefits offered in this 60-minute DVD.

Michele Assaf has trained dancers from NYC to LA and internationally for the past 20 years. She is known for her excellence in technique and style. With a strong classical and modern background, she is able to take any dancers and teach them the proper technique and alignment to execute any given movement.

Professionally, she has received a Tony Award Nomination for Starmites on Broadway and has directed and choreographed for The Houston Grand Opera, Mick Jagger, Michael Bolton Tour, Matchbox Twenty and Mariah Carey World Tour 2003.


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