A double length compact disc with 30 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of classical music without singing or vocal instructions.
"Steven Mitchell - Sounds of Classics"
New Title & Cover for the CD "Solo" released in 2002

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Steven Mitchell
Music For Ballet Class CD
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This CD is exactly the same album as "Solo" (#SM01C)
It has the same contents. Only the cover & title have changed.


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Sample this CD:
Track 2 - Plie
Track 13 - Rond de Jambe en l'air
 Track 28 - Grand Allegro

“Sounds of Classics" (formerly the album "Solo", released in 2002) is the first recording by Steven Mitchell that was not directed by a dance teacher. Steven’s perfect sense of timing and rhythm have helped him create a compact disc which is suited to any ballet class. The thirty different tracks contain less familiar music from ballets like Coppelia, Le Corsaire and Fille ma Gradee. Also included are melodies by Handel, Donizetti, Delibes and several less known composers creating a unique mixture of songs. This is the perfect CD to use when you need a break from the usual music for ballet class. The tracks are not repeated and most selections at the barre contain eight additional counts at the end of the exercise for bending forward and back. This is very similar to the David Howard style of ballet class. Steven credits Anna Marie Holmes for bring him volumes of music from Russia which were used for some of the more unfamiliar melodies on this 61 minute compact disc.

The music from Steven Mitchell's "Sounds of Classics" is used on
David Howard's DVD, "Turns, Leaps & Bounds" BR57D



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