This double  length compact disc by Mignon Furman & Steven Mitchell contains 29 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete beginning ballet class.
It offers a unique collection of original, familiar and classical music without singing or vocal instructions.
This 32 min. DVD by Mignon Furman demonstrates a complete ballet class for a beginner level of study.

 "Between Tot and Teen"

Music for Beginning Ballet Class CD
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Beginner Ballet Class DVD
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Mignon Furman & Steven Mitchell

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Sample this CD:
Track 3 - Plie
  Track 18 - Preparation for Pirouette
  Track 27 - Pose Temps Leve

Between Tot and Teen offers a wide selection of original music, selections from different ballets and familiar tunes. Each selection is in the public domain and is played with a clear beat that is easy to follow. It is a great way to introduce dancers of this age group to different ballet music and not distract them with songs they know. This solo piano music for beginning ballet class contains repeats in the same track and starts with foot exercises followed by two different plies many different tendu exercises and preparation steps.


This beginner ballet class features two girls and a boy performing a simple ballet class for 8 to 10 year olds. The music in the class is from the CD ‘Between Tots & Teens’ by Steven Mitchell. There is no main menu of chapters but there are 32 different chapters that are outlined on the jacket. Several exercises are devoted to preparing a student for Pirouettes as well as Developpe and jumps. The 28 different exercises are a perfect starting place for any beginning ballet dancer. The simple setting of a single barre with three dancers is very much like being in a real ballet class. This DVD contains explanations and demonstrations of many different steps conducted by Mignon Furman who is from the Royal Ballet in London, England and is director of the American Academy of Ballet in New York City.


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