“Ballet Class with Piano Vol. 1” is a 53 minute single length CD by Ahn Hyewon & Jeong Mijin containing 41 repeated piano melodies
for a complete intermediate ballet class. It offers a unique collection of original & classical music without singing or vocal instructions

 "Ballet Class with Piano Vol. 1"

Ahn Hyewon & Jeong Mijin
Music for Intermediate Ballet Class CD
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Ballet Class with Piano Vol. 1 CD
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Sample this CD:
  Track 03 - Plie
Track 21 - Grand Battement
Track 39 - Jete Fondu
This is the first ballet class CD from Korea and it offers a rich combination of original and familiar solo piano melodies. There are a lot of different western melodies played in a very classical style that are easy to follow and the tempos are perfect for each exercise. The tracks at the barre are repeated and are a good length for the exercise. The contents listing is a little misleading because it shows the time of the entire track including the repeat so the music at the barre is half the length that is listed for each track. The five Pointe Work selections at the end of the CD are good for beginning pointe work. More titles for ballet class are planned by Ahn Hyewon & Jeong Mijin.


Track length listing
(Time signature  & track length is listed to the right of each track)


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