This double length compact disc by Yoshi Gurwell contains 52 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class.
A unique collection of familiar and classical  music without singing or vocal instructions.
"Music for Ballet Lovers Vol. 4"

Yoshi Gurwell
Music for Ballet Class CD
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Music for Ballet Lovers Vol. 4   CD
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Samples this CD:
Track 3 - Plies
  Track 39 - Rises
Track 50 - Pique Turns

There are at least two tracks of different music for each exercise so it is as if this extra long CD has
repeated tracks for both barre and center. Also included is music for a pointe class.

A special note from the artist:

Dear Music for Ballet Lovers fans,

This CD, which has a multitude of my arrangements, serves for both regular class and pointe. There are 15 pieces especially for pointe, however, any of the other songs can also be used for pointe.

Since this is the 4th CD in my series, I put many variations for groups of 4 dancers. As a final note, I always love playing in an elegant, romantic, dramatic, and energetic manner for ballet classes, so I hope you’ll feel this as you listen and dance.

Thanks a million – Yoshi Gurwell


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