“Les Petits” is a 42 minute single length CD by Nicola Farcas & Nolwenn Collet containing 45 unrepeated piano melodies for a
complete preballet class. It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions.

  Les Petits
Tutus and Tempo Collection Vol. 1

    Nolwenn Collet & Nicola Farcas
Music for Preballet Class CD
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Les Petits - Tutus and Tempo Collection Vol. 1 CD
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Sample this CD:
Track 05 - Butterflies and Angry Tigers
  Track 14 - Flamingo Courrus
  Track 20 - Picking Coconuts!
Track 26 - Cops and Robbers!

This wonderful collection of short improvisational melodies is perfect for any imaginative preballet class. Created with the help of teacher Nicola Farcas, this single length CD uses lots of images that make it very easy to use. Whether it is ‘Rain and Puddles’ or ‘Picking Coconuts’ the images are easy to hear in the music which makes it a joy to dance to. Nolwenn Collet has created these 45 unique melodies which include a section for the four seasons, eight different moods, clapping games and familiar stories. This music is full of energy and wonderfully played. Written notes of several of the exercises are included with the CD.

Liner notes:
‘Les Petits’ is a joint venture between a ballet pianist and ballet teacher. Together, we have produced what we hope is an inspiring compilation of ballet music for a pre-school class.
Each piece has been specially composed with the youngest of dancers in mind, taking into careful consideration the style, tempo, and particularly the length of each track – crucial to the success of any exercise for this age group.
This CD does not include music for specific technical exercises (plies, battements tendus etc…) but instead uses creative pieces to allow the teacher to ‘disguise’ these movements in a beautiful dance or through exciting role play exercises.
We hope the Creative Dance and Mime section inspires and excites our future generation of young dancers!
We hope the accompanying booklet (with suggested ideas for many of the pieces) will be an invaluable resource, that the original music will spark the imagination of both students and teachers alike, and allow for the creation of an entirely new and improved beginners ballet class.



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